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About Us

Home Products is the industry leader for innovative yet simple Home Solutions. We are dedicated to the highest level of product quality and customer service.

All our products have one specific goal: simplifying your life with smart ideas. Each item in our collection had to undergo years of experimentation and a strict quality control.

Home Products is the proud manufacturer of the Twist-&-Lock Suction Cup Technology, which makes our suction cups the most powerful and everlasting ones on the market!


Our Mission is to bring modern solutions to often muttered quandaries regarding the bath & home including, Where can I put my toothbrush and/or razor besides the same old cup that gets dirty with bacteria? Teaming up with the talented Stainless Steel based Superior Suction Cup & Straight Slot Design, Home Products presents the Suction cup toothbrush holders. Sleek and strong. That’s why our chrome bath line doesn’t just look great, each product has a functional improvement to work better, fit better, and make your life just a little bit easier.


If you want to make your bathroom clean and modern or just want it to be attractive for kids and encourages them to brush their tooth, you might want to have one of below Toothbrush Holders From Home Products. This will definitely be loved by your kids or family members. Take a look at the Unusual Toothbrush Holders and turn your morning washing into a funny and stylish thing with these cool bathroom accessory.



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